Air Pollution Solutions

Air pollution has been around for forever, but people just tend to ignore it because they don’t seem to know the dangers of it. Air pollution can’t be completely cut out of our world, but it could, though, be reduced.

One form of reducing the amount of air pollution that is around is to use LED light bulbs instead of fluorescent and incandescent. The LED bulb uses less electricity and is actually much more beneficial economical wise (Biodiversity). If not wanting to change the light bulbs used, another way to reduce air pollution is to simply reduce the electricity being used. When you are home or at work, you can help reduce the pollution just by turning off any light or equipment, such as your TV (California Environmental Protection Agency AIR RESOURCES BOARD). The most common way to cause air pollution is by the use of fossil fuels, such as coal. To reduce this, we can replace those fuels with renewable energy, such as solar power (Greenpeace). We can also reduce the spread of fossil fuels by using your car less, or car pooling with a friend (California Environmental Protection Agency AIR RESOURCES BOARD).

The solutions to reduce the amount of air pollution are very simple, but are quite hard to get people accustomed to. Educating about how our everyday routine causes air pollution can and will reduce this massive problem.


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Topic: Pollution

Pollution has been something that many people tend to ignore because they don’t have a full understanding as to what it does to us on a daily basis. It not only affects us, humans, but it also affects every living animal and organism in our world. Pollution is something that everyone should have a good amount of knowledge on.

Pollution is, literally defined by google, the presence in or introduction into the environment of a substance or thing that has harmful or poisonous effects. Having harmful and poisonous effects is something that needs to be taken seriously. Why would we want to live in a world where this is occurring? Pollution comes in many forms, such as air pollution, land pollution, and water pollution (which will be the ones I’ll be talking about). Humans are the main cause of pollution.



Azadeh Ansari. “Study: More than 6 million could die early from air pollution every year.” CNN. Wed September 16, 2015.

In this article, air pollution is the key point. Air pollution in causing more deaths every year. The chemicals that are being released to our oxygen is what causes these dangers. Different areas have different ways that cause pollution, but they all have the same affect towards the dangers of pollution.

This article can be used for my essay for part of it since it talks about the dangers and giving statistics on what pollution can do.


We don’t think about what dangers pollution does to us on a daily basis. Pollution is very sickening and can eventually cause death.

Our country is the highest in pollution out of these 5 countries.

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We are slowly destroying our planet by pollution and don’t even seem to notice.

Customer Service

Costumer service is a huge deal. Employees are forced to be polite to people who sometimes anger us. Customers need to understand that the employees can’t do everything to fix things. For instance, I work at Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt and there are always costumers complaining that we don’t have a certain flavor. I can’t do anything about it, but apologize while still getting a rude response in return. From experiencing rude customers, I have been more aware on how to talk to other employees from other stores.

Make America Revolve Around Race Again

The presidential election of 2016 is a huge deal for people around my age, 19, since we are able to vote and have a say to who we want to represent us in our country. The candidates that are running for president made it very easy for me to know who I want to support and especially who I am strongly against. Some people, actually, quite a hand full of people, support this certain candidate who I’m strongly against, Donald Trump. Trump has brought out the true colors that some Americans have in this country. By being non stop loud, selfish, and racist, he has encouraged people to be on his side to “make America great again”. He has talked badly about certain groups of people, such as Hispanics and Muslims, and has basically encouraged violence to keep going towards them. Racism, which leads to violence, in the past was always the problem to this country, so why encourage it to happen again if you want America to be great again? Education about this should be presented in a way that more people are involved to help not recreate the past that makes us live in a country that just revolves around race and violence.


Most Admired Celebrity

Pharrell Williams is without a doubt my current favorite admired celebrity. He is not only a singer, but he is also a fashion designer, producer, and a TV host. His simplicity and soulful way in music is what makes him stand out from many other artists. In the show, The Voice, he helps his team of singers by giving support by what they do, rather than trying to change who they want to become as artists. He is my favorite coach from that show because of that. Being very successful in the fashion industry at the same time as being a host and a singer is one of the reasons why I admire him as a celebrity. Many celebrities tend to stick to only one thing rather than to have to manage multiple responsibilities such as Pharrell.